Meadows in the Mountains Festival

  • 13th, 14th & 15th JUNE 2014



  • JAZZANOVA (DJ Set By Alex Barck)










  • Andy Ukhtomsky | Balearic Social | Bosha | Bruno Schmidt | Chaz Thorogood |
    Chrissy Meraki | Deadecho | Delfonic | The Fish | Garo | Gemma Rogers & The Mil Men | The General | Gypsy Delica (MIROSLAV MORSKI) | Hunter & The Bear | Itchy Rich | Into The Moon (live) | Jackson Scott & The Jackstronauts | Jeange | Jim Cassidy & Pablo | JOill | Kingz Of Vocals | Laylla Dane | Leonardo Robarts | Michael Moore | Rachel D'arcy | Rat On The Roof | Strangelove | Son Of Sun | These Ghosts | Persuasion | Wizard Of Odd

  • Orpheus Pool Party

    Following last years impromptu after party at the local spa, this year we have decided to programme an event for those who want to carry the party on, or for those who want to decompress and chill.

    Come join us at The Orpheus Pool Party where Meadows headlining DJs will be playing all day from 2 until dawn. For just £50 you will get full use of spa facilities including the outdoor pool, a hotel room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Transfers from the festival to the spa will also be included and shuttle tickets from the festival to the airports will be accepted from Orpheus Spa to the airports. Please note: You may get wet! Thank you,


The Story so far...

The monastery bell chimes to the 4th chapter of Meadows In The Mountains Festival. We are back with a bigger budget, wider spectrum of music and an array of creative art inventions.

Our family welcomes you back to the beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria to once again recreate the magic mystery and true sense of community that the festival represents. This festival is made by the people that attend; not the exquisite line up that is presented to you. Welcome festival goers, hedonists and those born with a penchant for social experimental adventure. We extend a hand and invite you to embrace our energy and ethos of community, inspired by the Bulgarian revolutionaries Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev. Please step gently aboard this flying contraption minding your heads and heels as we embark upon a voyage across the seven seas to the very heart of the Rhodopian Mountains, Bulgaria; an untouched and unravished bastion of nature in this harsh world of open busy buildings, urban sprawl and concrete jungles.

Once home to prehistoric man these ancient forests have born witness to the fire of creativity and the explosion of the conscious magical mind. It has been recorded that the ancient Thracian explorers, upon bearing witness to the majesty of the meadows, immediately called for their harps and flutes to be bought forth and a new form of musical ceremony was created. The Byzantines themselves reveled in the power that saturates the land, dancing naked by the moonlight in praise to the Gods of celebration and song...

And it is through this very tradition that the Sasse brothers have the most great and humble pleasure in inviting you all to cast aside your daily woes, shrug off the binding chains of the 9-5 and indulge in a debauched weekend of mind-expanding experience, community and free spirit to skip through the fields and forests with untamed abandon and to lay with the fireflies and nighttime skies in the long grass of the Meadows in the Mountains Festival!

  • Dance in the ethereal half-light of dawn and dusk as the sunrise and sunset stages provide some of the best unsigned, underground artists from across around the world spanning various musical genres.
  • Watch the morning mist cascade over the mountain range as shadowy forms convulse and glide to the rhythmic beats of house and techno...
  • Dwell at the forefront of sound as jazz, folk and disco float through the intricacies of melody.
  • Indulge your primordial appetites with hearty food to feed the soul; all locally grown and locally produced.
  • Walk in the footsteps of the forest gods as you explore the rustic surroundings and the wildness of nature.
  • Glimpse the awe-inspiring power of creation as the art installations change your concepts of what reality really means.
  • Cast aside your mental barriers and explore the expansion of human consciousness with like-minded individuals; help us to create an event that promotes an attitude of utmost adventure.

About Meadows in the Mountains

We like nice things, and set in the exceptionally beautiful surroundings of the Rhodope Mountains lies the quaint Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo. 850m above sea-level and a stones throw away from the Greek border, this enchanting village is where Meadows in the Mountains likes to call home. Historically the country has been invaded and conquered by the Roman Empire, Gengis Khan, Alexander the Great and was finally enveloped by the mighty communist iron curtain (and now us!). As a result the local area has a rich cultural heritage including ancient Thracian sites such as Perperikon and Tatul; medieval castles, churches, monasteries and scenic villages with traditional Bulgarian architecture from 18th and 19th century. The Rhodopes is the greenest and most picturesque Bulgarian mountain range and is also known as the homeland of the mythological singer Orpheus. Orpheus was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. His accolades are centered on his ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music; Like Orpheus, Meadows in the Mountains invites you to be charmed by our music along with the beautiful scenery and people of Bulgaria.

What's included?

  • Entry to the festival
  • Tent pitch
  • 3 days of the freshest, most underground, most magical music, complemented by the most scenic, breathtaking Bulgarian backgrounds
  • 3 days of interaction, entertainments, quirks, jesters
  • Fun in the waterfalls, Death Slide and new in this year Downhill Grass Bobsleighing
  • Cheap, delicious and locally sourced food freshly cooked on site.
  • Outdoor Activities and excursions over the border to the Greek coast.
  • An unmatchable vibe.
  • Opportunity to meet amazing and loving people. Friends & Family are important to us and a big part of our ethos.


MITM is like no other festival in the world. We are proud of our quirky and different attitude. We don't follow trends and other festival concepts! We believe that in our combined party mileage, we have found a tried and tested way forward. Sunshine is a must when it comes to festivals, so we are bringing you some of the best weather the Balkans has to offer. We decided to programme all the music and arts to revolve around our epic sunrise. In an eggshell MITM is not about an A List lineup – it's the genuine atmosphere which is created by the loving Meadows clan who revel in the sense of escapism. No more queues, and no more aggressive, rude and uncaring security! Fundamental to our ethos is the wildlife and fauna that covers the festival site.

We love the planet and we love Bulgaria! Sadly not everbody sees it this way... So we aim to use the festival to push and promote green and sustainable methods! All timber shacks, art installations and staging will be sustainably sourced from the surrounding forests. Where possible carbon footprints will be calculated and reduced. Composting toilets and solar showers will be constructed and introduced to the festival site.

Unlike UK festivals our accommodation, food and drinks prices are ridiculously affordable. Lucky for you, Bulgaria is yet to convert to the Euro and the currency exchange rate from Sterling to Leva is very favourable! We hope that you are rubbing your hands together with anticipation because we are! Buy your tickets and flights and we promise this will be a weekend that will leave you moved to tears...


"When a festival is inspired by Burning Man, you know it's going to be wild. And what a setting for it: not only a getaway from bustling cities, the meadows offer fantastic views of a landscape that should put a whole new spin on dancing 'til the sun comes up." - Resident Advisor
"The brainchild of brothers Damian and Benjamin Sasse, Meadows in the Mountains is the offspring of the wild and romantic visions born from the boys’ experiences at Burning Man and Secret Garden Party. First and foremost, they want to create an underground music festival in eye-scorchingly beautiful and intimate surroundings, for a crowd seriously accomplished in partying. The Meadows formula is simple. No gimmick. Just sublime views, consistently on-point tunes, and lots of space to enjoy them in." - DJ Mag
"Set in flowering meadows among the Rhodope mountains, just south of the capital, Sofia. This new festival features dance, jazz and folk acts such as Crazy P (Soundsystem), Riot Jazz, Will Saul and many unsigned artists. Guests are encouraged to "Run through fields and forests with untamed abandon" and play in the waterfall." - Guardian Travel
"Imagine arriving in a part of the world where the land touches the sky and the sun cuddles nature. Where the summer dew against the morning sunrise glistens every colour of the rainbow. Where horses run wild and hammocks swing over the beauty of it all....well we did any by jove what an experience we could never have dreamed. Meadows in the mountains festival is the true gem in the wild. Intimately comforting, wild and psychadelic, an adventure playground for lovers of all good things, welcoming the humble and bold alike. And all set to a wonderful soundtrack. Its a beautiful start to a summer of love." - Danielle (Crazy P)
"One of the most special and intimate clubbing experiences we’ve had, Meadows in the Mountains is what every festival wants to be... Stunning scenery, great people and a HUGE fucking rig of top of a mountain with the sun coming up... We will be back." - Mathew McBriar (Bicep)
"Embedded in the Rhodopian Mountains near Bulgaria’s Greek border, the festival is promising a "jaw-dropping setting that is unmatched anywhere on the planet." - Artrocker
"MITM is too cool. Amazing people & vibes, great music, plus the view from the top of those mountain" - Sebastian Voigt (Lo*Kee)
"A truly unique festival like nothing seen before, it’s set up in the picturesque Bulgarian hills and brings to its lucky attendees some of the very best unsigned, underground artists from across europe." - 689 Magazine
"Ensconced in the wilds of Bulgaria, in a setting on Lord Of The Rings-esquely epic proportions Meadows In The Mountains is one of the most exciting and inventive festivals of the year." - 1883 Magazine
"Meadows in the Mountains is a fantastic festival which combines a truly wonderful location with some of the best entertainment anywhere, and this is not simply about music. A lot of festivals these days try to push out the boat musically, mixing genres and going after the top drawer names. That’s all well and good, but most don’t offer anything truly different. Meadows in the Mountains does. This is a music festival, yes, but it’s also got art and crafts and literature." - Tillalte
"Quite simply the most beautiful, fun, adventurous and deviant festival we've been to. It's hard not to award the number one spot to this festival based on the site alone, but this is only one of its many attributes. With stages set in meadows on top of Bulgarian mountains, other festivals can only look up through the clouds in envy. Meadows looks back down... a bit crossed eyed." - Anthony Reckitt (Silk Cuts)
"Rhudopian Mountains, Bulgaria – June 8-10. Set amid the stunning scenery of a tiny mountain village, and with a delightfully easygoing, intimate ethos – by far the most intriguing new European festival. Featuring: Crazy P, Will Saul, Riot Jazz, Bicep, Reggae Roast." - Societe Perier
"A truly encompassing and unique music, arts and literature festival from the 8th – 10th June Bulgaria brings to life the possibility of real adventure embraced by guaranteed sun fused with a thoughtful, inspired and explorative music and arts line up that burns brightly all day and all night against the magical back drop of the intimately beautiful mountain top cenery that makes it so very special." - Unshredded


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